Training, The call for good occupational safety training 2022.

What is meant by bad-training in  safety courses ? We mean the ineffective and poor quality-training courses that are still offered today. That is all training-with unqualified or trained trainers, course programs, scheduled times and attendance not respected and  certificates  sent by virtue of self-certifications in which you communicate that you have read and studied teaching materials.

Mega Italia Media , an Italian company with over thirty years of experience in online security-training, has published an appeal in recent weeks, in the light of the new regulations on-training, to promote quality-training , both in presence and remotely.

Safety Training

Here are some passages.

Training and digitalization

The recent  DL 146/2021  could lead to mistakenly believe that only traditional classroom-training is to be considered effective. In this way, the spaces for the digitalization of-training are certainly reduced, all in complete contrast to the trend that the world of training is following, both in business and academia.

E-learning training  has proved very useful (and in many cases the only way) to provide-training in a timely and updated manner. Devaluing it and putting it aside right now, after it proved to be an important asset during the pandemic, moreover in a country that is trying to develop digitally to keep up with other powers given the technological acceleration is certainly a serious mistake. strategic, a denial of the technological development of training-and prevention policy.

The future Single State-Regions Agreement

Based on a literal interpretation of article 37 paragraph 7 bis,  online training-for supervisors  (who now more than ever have become fundamental figures in the prevention system) seems to have been excluded by the Government (Decree-Law 146/21) and by Parliament (Law 215/2021).

However, the e-learning-training modality can be absolutely suitable also for the courses followed by these figures. In fact, it should be considered that as regards the-training of other safety figures, such as employers, managers, RLS, workers, first aid and firefighters, nothing has been innovated, but these too are taken into consideration and considered in the future  Single State Regions agreement .

The Agreement will also have to review the  methods of final verification of learning : from the approach adopted, the possibility of an obligation to verify compulsory learning in presence is deduced.

If presence is certainly the most appropriate form of training, to which the new paragraph 5 of article 37 of  Legislative Decree no. 81/2008  devotes extensive attention, it should be remembered that even the most prestigious European and American universities have been organizing remote exam sessions for years.

The question that would arise is: “Do you want  to go back to a past  which, moreover, has never been idyllic?”

Promote good-training

By June 2022, the new Single State-Regions Agreement will bring together all the previous agreements to make the matter systematic.

Today it is more than ever desirable that  distance learning , clearly of high quality both from the point of view of contents and technological support, should be given the rightful role in the digital civilization to which we belong.

“The Social Partners and Institutions must be aware of the value of  digital-training : going back is not possible, neither useful, nor advantageous and considering one training-method more effective than another can represent a serious risk of fueling the continuing technological backwardness of our country.

 A serious risk also due to the possible impact on the business world (today already struggling with the enormous energy price increases), on the environment (if you want to reduce CO2, it makes no sense to put hundreds of thousands of workers back on the street) and finally own on the many companies that have invested in digital training “.

To date, numerous companies of different sizes have adopted the use of e-learning platforms specifically dedicated to training, even more important in a historical moment in which the  reskilling  of employees and collaborators is essential to guarantee the competitiveness of companies on the market.

What is meant by bad training in safety courses ?

As a research  published on PuntoSicuro shows , traditional-training courses in the classroom and those in e-learning are not only comparable from the point of view of effectiveness, but in some cases (specifically in theoretical-training) the improvement achieved by trained workers is  greater in-training . at a distance .

“Mega Italia Media therefore launches an appeal to the Institutions and Social Partners so that in the coming months the opportunity is not lost, in the new State-Regions Agreement, to  encourage all good safety-training , both in e-learning and in presence. It could be the right opportunity to really raise the level of safety in Italy and provide an effective contribution to reducing the number and severity of accidents and occupational diseases, promoting good organization of work in the most effective way possible “.

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